Affordable, reliable, scalable and remotely manageable

Crime prevention for your business should always be a key consideration. The proven best deterrence to crime is still a monitored alarm system. A carefully designed monitored alarm systems will not only protect a business from burglary but will also protect from loss caused by internal theft. Studies have shown that one of the key reasons for inventory losses (shrinkage) has been due to dishonest employees. Weak detection strategies with alarm systems increases the potential for losses caused from customers shoplift ing and employee theft. This also makes honest employees vulnerable from dishonest ones. Wesco believes in “customer first” solutions that match the needs of each business. We take the time to listen to your needs. Our highly skilled security experts know how to ask the right questions to find the optimal security system design to protect your busine ss. Every project is carefully engineered to the needs of the business and to provide consistent reliability.

The new technological advances with security systems are also enabling ways to improve operational efficiencies. Business managers can now also realize better ways to lower maintenance and operational costs with Honeywell Total Connect remote services. The Honeywell Total Connect web-based services enables the security system to be controlled remotely by a PC or a smart mobile device.

Ways for improving operational efficiency will vary from company to company. For example, partitioning a warehouse facility into separate work areas can enhance employee productivity. The administration offices could be partition Area 1 and the warehouse storage could be partitioned Area 2. Partitioning a facility into separate work areas enables employee access to different work areas and only at specified times. This allows access for employees of each partitioned area to work earlier and stay later if necessa ry without compromising the security of the entire facility. In other instances, the operation efficiency could be improved with refrigeration monitoring. These are just a few examples. Wesco alarm systems can integrate with video and access control to provide business solutions for improved operational efficiency for a single site or for multiple lo cations.

  • Full redundancy burglary monitoring
  • Multiple notification options based on customer preferences and decision-making policies
  • Immediate access to critical information
  • Refrigeration and humidity monitoring for perishable goods.
  • Safe and vault contacts with shock and heat sensors
  • Hold up / panic alarm monitoring
  • Tamper monitoring
  • Electrical power monitoring
  • Business open/close supervision
  • Two-way voice communication with central station operators
  • Partitioned monitored areas within a facility
  • Integration with access control and video surveillance
  • Water leak monitoring
  • Hazardous gas monitoring