Deterrence with outdoor perimeter motion detector protection

Outdoor perimeter protection requires professional experience to avoid numerous false alarm fees from the police. Wesco has decades of experience with designing effective perimeter protection for commercial facilities. Our business customers range from a small company with a small outdoor yard, to a larger enterprise with multiple sites to protect within the same complex. Wesco perimeter alarm systems are able to adapt as technology changes to protect from obsolescence. Only the best of breed non-proprietary comp onents are used. This approach to designing security systems enables budget friendly solutions that are scalable. These reliable perimeter protection systems deter trespassers from entering the building before they can reach the facility.

Our new perimeter protection systems can enable alarm event notifications to be sent direct to mobile phones. This can keep you up to date on the status of your facility even when you're not there. Other features include being able to remotely manage the security system.

Videofied provides perimeter protection with video verification monitoring

Videofied is a manufacturer of a wireless video camera that has a built-in wireless motion detector. There are both indoor and outdoor models to choose from. A Videofied unit is compact, lightweight, weather proof, and battery operated with AA batteries. It can be installed virtually anywhere.

This compact security device is capable of recording video activity even in complete darkness with infra. The alarm activation is verified by sending a 10 second video clip to the subscriber and also simultaneously to a central station to confirm the alarm event. This short video clip has the actual footage of what triggered the alarm. If the alarm is determined to be a false alarm, the police are not dispatched.

The Videofied camera system is a proven and a cost effective way to prevent false alarms. Central station operators are not blindly sending police to an unknown alarm. The central station operator can actually see what triggered the alarm to quickly determine if the alarm is valid and to dispatch police immediately. Police departments have endorsed the Videofied system across the United States because this is an effective way to verify alarm activation.

  • Police know what to expect when they arrive on the scene
  • Completely wireless quick installation and easily repositioned
  • No phone lines or power needed
  • Videofied devices are built to highly critical standards