Your security is better with the power of having choices


Improve emergency response and minimize false alarms. Choose a security system that can verify alarm events in real time by a PC or with a smart mobile device.

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Enjoy the savings in being able
to remotely control your home temperature and your lights. Remotely manageable systems let you stay
in control, wherever you are
and anytime.

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Our advanced video surveillance systems are budget friendly and scalable formultiple sites. Each video system is carefully engineered to the needs of the business.

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Mitigate risks for unauthorized entrywith affordable solutions for access control systems. These systems are remotely manageable and expandable as needed.

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FBI crime statistics for the United States:

  • There are over 2,000,000 home burglaries each year
  • There is one burglary every 15 seconds
  • There is forced entry for 59.7 percent of reported burglaries
  • Residential burglaries are 74.5 percent of all burglaries
  • Source:

The most proven deterrent to a home burglary is to have a monitored alarm system. Studies have shown that homes with an alarm system are less likely to be burglarized than homes without an alarm system. Criminals are leery of breaking into homes that are protected.


Having a monitored alarm system makes more sense than ever. Why wait? Wesco systems are budget friendly and expandable as needed. A security system by Wesco is the ideal solution to protect your family while at the home or away. We believe in “customer first” solutions instead of one size fits all for a home security system. We ask questions and take the time to fully understand what your family needs. This way we can customize a solution that is just the right fit for you. Your peace of mind matters this much to us.

We install Honeywell security products. These are the best in class security systems worldwide. Honeywell security systems are packed with features.

  • No land line needed
  • The best wireless in the industry
  • Largest selection of wireless security devices to choose from
  • Indoor and outdoor motion detector protection options
  • Receive text alert message with mobile devices and PC
  • Remotely manageable with a mobile device to arm/disarm /check status
  • Combine burglar alarm, fire protection and video surveillance
  • Options to integrate remote management for home automation of lights, temperature, and door locks (even your garage door)

Did you know that many home insurance companies provide a discount for having the home monitored for fire and burglary?